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Where's your title?

How would you design
the perfect world?

Designers from TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering invite you to come explore their futuristic dream worlds in our immersive experience at Dutch Design Week 2023. Expect to be surprised by their interactive installations, that make you wonder how we can redesign for a better society: Where products are truly sustainable, people are equal and really happy, and where technology instead of dividing us, connects us.

There is something exciting for anyone! Release all your stress in our Mind Muscle Club gym, share your thoughts with talking bench Bruno, design your own robot friend, and many more to discover!

See you soon at


TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering exhibition
at Dutch Design Week (21 – 29 October 2023)
Area51 basement, Ketelhuisplein Eindhoven
Open daily 11:00 – 18:00, no ticket needed

What is your dream
for the future?

A world inequality does not exist? Where we don’t have fossil fuels anymore? Or where robots take over?
Become part of an artwork at our DREAM. DISCOVER. DESIGN. exhibition at Dutch Design Week! Fill in your dream here and check it at from 21 – 29 October 2023 at Area51 basement

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